My Friend Gerald

Wednesday again and time for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word photo prompt based on the weekly changing picture (no murders for going slightly over).

copyright-adam-ickes Photo Copyright : Adam Ickes

The last box was done, taped and sealed. So much of her life packed into boxes.  An inventory of memories, wrapped in yesterday’s paper, the irony wasn’t lost on her. Each box held a time, a place and a piece of her past.

Cedar Acres retirement village would be just what she needed. No more lonely nights with only Gerald for company. Gerald’s glass eye almost winked.  Bob had said he needed more rams for his computer and an idea had struck. When the stuffed head arrived by courier, his weak heart had given out on the doorstep. The life insurance arrived not long after his porn subscription ended.


19 thoughts on “My Friend Gerald

  1. No words can fully explain how I felt about this except genius! That last line was killer funny and almost had me rolling on the office floor. Excellent Helen 🙂

  2. Dear Helen, Very clever of the wife to order a Ram’s head instead of more ram. This is so funny and clever you should be inducted into the MAD magazine HALL OF FAME! What a great laugh you gave me Helen – you are hilarious. Nan 🙂

  3. Dear Helen,

    If Bob’s heart was weak he shouldn’t have been subscribing to porn magazines. At any rate, I’m glad his life insurance was up to date. Ram indeed. 😉 Funny.



  4. Whoa, you packed a lot into this story, or should I say Rammed? I loved the line about memories wrapped in yesterday’s paper. And of course the last line (as everyone has mentioned) caused laughter to erupt around the globe. Well done, Helen. Hilarious.

  5. Talk about a run of bad luck – first the end of his porn subscription and then death! Thank you for the entertaining story. I say entertaining because even though the beginning was a little said, the ending made me smile. Even though losing a porn subscription is never a laughing matter!

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