Mavis and the Trawlerman

I’m afraid it’s another light weight version this week for Friday Fictioneers. My deep and meaningful seems to have buried itself so deep I’m struggling to find it. At least I can rely on the other 100 + contributors each week to keep up their end of the creative talent pool. I’ll just be treading water till somebody throws me a life jacket, or a brick……


The waiter brought the soup and left. Meryl scanned the restaurant, mouthing a sort of half whisper, half mime

“Did you hear about Mavis?”

Distracted by the winking fish eye, Deirdre didn’t look up,

“Mavis who?”

“Bert heard it in the Butchers; said Bob at number 6 had heard it from Big Bertha at the Café”

“Heard what?”

“Mavis Smith has run off to Cyprus with a tattooed trawlerman”

“Mavis Smith!” Deirdre raised her eyebrows.

“She hasn’t run off with a trawlerman, she’s got onto that net thingy, the internet”

“Bloody Chinese whispers” muttered Meryl struggling to lift the soup with her chopsticks.

17 thoughts on “Mavis and the Trawlerman

  1. Funny and clever! I can well imagine these two meeting up for their weekly gossip session. And now I have an awful vision of an eyeball bobbing up and down in a bowl of soup.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! A laugh out loud for you, Helen! Funny, FUNNY! That ending was almost like running salt into the wound in a funny way that made me laugh even more. You got so much going on in that story, though, lot of mileage out of 100 words. Bravissimo!!!


    Nice take on the prompt, very believable dialogue. Oh, and never ever apologise for not being deep and crisp and even. It makes the rest of us look bad!

  4. Helen, That was great treading. 😀 Hilarious story and well written. It sounded very real, and I could just see it. She thought she had some breaking news there. Mavis is going to wonder why people look surprised to see her still at home. Well done. 🙂 —Susn

  5. Dear Helen, I’m so glad I’m in this writing club “thingy” with YOU because you make me laugh so much!! You are so absolutely clever and witty! I love the Eyeball Soup – is that on a menu in a restaurant for real? GREAT story and you are brilliant, as usual! Nan 🙂

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