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I’ll learn,

How to live with regret,

To ignore how I feel,

And the pain that I let,


I’ll know,

What it is to be lost,

To run from the shelter,

No matter the cost,


I’ll live,

With the seeds I have sown,

Just a face in the crowd,

Or a name never known,


I’ll search,

For the rest of my life,

To taste a new freedom,

And savour the surprise,


I’ll forget,

What happened today,

And yesterday’s heartache,

Will be left by the way.

Like Father, Like Son

I missed last week’s Friday Fictioneers. Yet again life, work and ironing got in the way. But the ironing is done, the lesson plans are complete and I have an empty house for a few hours so I can once again succumb to my weekly vice. Alas, it is only one of many but that’s a story for another day…….

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Maddison Wood

Photo Copyright : Madison Woods

“Spawned by the devil” my grandmother used to say. Yet, as a child there were no horns, no eyes burning red at the sight of a full moon. I’d spent most of my childhood searching for the signs. Half afraid of what I’d find, yet strangely, almost desolate, when there was nothing.

Even now, a man full grown, those words still haunt my dreams.  Although the signs are no longer hidden, no longer buried beneath youth and innocence. I raise my glass, relishing the warm taste of blood across my lips. I offer up a toast “To you, Father” as my grandmother spins in her grave.

Without You

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Without you,

There is nothing,

Just a need I deny,

Like the sea needs the shoreline,

Or the clouds need the sky,

Without you I’m alone,

Just a passage in time,

Like sand through an hourglass,

Or an incessant timeline,

Without you I’m unpainted,

Just a colourless shell,

Like a landscape in winter,

Or a grey prison cell,

Without you I’m a shadow,

Just an empty disguise,

Like stars without moonlight,

Or the Mona Lisa’s smile,


Without you there is nothing,

Without you I’m not whole.

The Cupboard Was Bare



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I opened the cupboard,

But the loving was bare,

I looked a bit further,

It still wasn’t there,

So I opened the curtains,

To look for the hope,

But hope was deserting,

With its case and its coat,

I opened the window,

To look for the dream,

But the dream was eloping,

With hope it would seem,

So I opened the door,

To let the loss out,

But couldn’t help smiling,

At the end of my drought.