Still Looking

Time again for Friday Fictioneers, hosted each week by the purple majesty of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. A 100 word piece of flash based on the weekly photo prompt. You’re not shot for going over nor for sliding into rhyme (well I hope not anyway). As I like to try and make my poetry tell a story, I’m hoping it covers the necessary start, beginning and end. If not I’ll get my coat…………..

Get yourselves over and join the addiction.


Photo Copyright : Bjorn Rudberg


Through granite walls and tangled roots,

Through broken vines and twisted shoots,

There lies a house beneath the sun,

A place where hopes and dreams can run,

A place of warmth and shuttered blinds,

Lilac walls and open minds,

I saw it once, I’m sure I did,

I heard a whisper “Come in” they bid,

And I danced barefoot in the moon lit glaze,

Laughed and sang in the torch lit haze,

Then morning came and all was wrong,

For I was old and my youth was gone,

But I’ll find that place again one day,

And they’ll ask me in and there I’ll stay.



32 thoughts on “Still Looking

  1. Dear Helen, This is probably one of my most favorite poems I’ve every read! I am not kidding you – I love Elizabeth Barrett Browning and now you! Helen – you should be a Poet Laureate – This is absolutely beautiful Helen! I’m so proud to know you! Nan 😉

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