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In a mother’s arms,

I watched you sleep,

I saw your breath,

Rise strong and deep,

And I felt your heart,

Beneath my own,

The seed of love,

Forever sown,

In a mother’s eyes,

I watched you grow,

From child to man,

Each high and low,

And I knew your heart,

As I did my own,

I saw it bloom,

That seed full grown,

In a mother’s love,

I watched you leave,

My abandoned heart,

Allowed to grieve,

But I knew the man,

That I had made,

Had love enough,

To be unafraid.


4 thoughts on “Son

  1. I read this and cried. I have two sons. The oldest leaving in a few days to go back to college. And the other back to school – two more years and he is off. This piece has spoken my heart. Thanks you.

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