Mr Cockdiddlers School For Quiet Young Ladies

Time again for Friday Fictioneers. Hosted every week by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and eagerly anticipated by over 100 addictive contributors. A 100 word piece of fiction based on the photo prompt provided. Follow the link and have a go,


The door behind her opened and a familiar scent of leather and musk infused the warm evening air,

“Breathe, just breathe” trying to stop the suffocating blackness from wrapping round her chest. She did an internal checklist – Feet the required distance apart, hands palm down, thumbs parallel to the leather inlay, not touching. Never touching.

As always, the ink pot was her focal point. Like a bottomless lagoon, swirling, churning, seeping over the quill, until she was far, far away.

It ended. The door closed. Taking out her handkerchief, she wondered how many others had fallen into that same velvet lagoon over the years.

32 thoughts on “Mr Cockdiddlers School For Quiet Young Ladies

  1. Was this a spoof on that ’50 shades of gruesome’ thing? I can’t see those lines “breath, just breath” without remembering that dreadful two hours I wasted. If it is, very clever Helen. If not, well perhaps I’ve just got a less-than-pristine mind.

  2. I read the title of your story a tad incorrectly, which made me laugh at the start. Substituting the first D for the letter next to it on the keyboard, and all that. Lots in this story to make you think, could be read a number of different ways, as previously commented.

  3. ooh, shudder. I like how many words you use to describe the inkpot she’s concentrating so hard on. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable snding my quiet young ladies to a school where the headmaster was so-named!

  4. So well written. Please consider my lack of a “Like” as a compliment to your skillful portrayal of a truly dreadful plot. I just can’t hit the button after such a violation! Well done!

  5. Beautifully written, Helen. I think one of your best. This is quite a dark story. It’s a velvet lagoon I hope I never see.

  6. Helen, I hit the “Like” not because of the subject matter, but because this kind of abuse needs to be hauled out into the sunlight and aired out. Hopefully, one of the quiet young ladies wll decide not to be so quiet and Mr. C. will be hussled off to prison to pay for his crimes. l’ve heard that other prisoners hate these guys, and he may be lucky to survive with his life if they find out what he’s in for. Well written. —Susan

  7. Dear Helen, You are not only a great poet, but a great writer of (I hope) fiction. This is so darn creepy and well done! The ‘velvet lagoon’ is such a sad thing for the girl to even know about. Nan 🙂

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