The Reluctant Camper

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Original Photo : Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The dampness seeped beneath her skin,

“You ok?”

She didn’t answer.

He put another piece of wood on the fire. The wet bark and moss throwing a plume of smoke across the darkness that settled like a bad taste at the back of her throat.

“Isn’t this great?”

She still didn’t answer.

Tracing over the sapphire in her engagement ring, she pictured all the other camping trips still to come. She also pictured Brian from accounting and his villa in Spain.

Six months later the 2 carat diamond in her wedding ring glistened against the Spanish sun as Brian’s paunch hung regally over his speedos,

Sipping her cocktail she mused “Who said money isn’t everything?”

32 thoughts on “The Reluctant Camper

  1. I am afraid that I am too much of a romantic to enjoy this story, unless the epilogue ends with Brian winning a fortune in Lotto and Ms. Two-Carat Diamond getting a Speedo-related rash.

  2. I’d definitely go with the first guy. I’m not too sure about ‘regal paunches’!
    (Minor comment: I’m not sure about ‘threw’ and ‘throwing’ so close together in lines 4 and 5.)

  3. Dear Helen,

    Hmmm…sapphires vs diamonds? Hunk vs Hulk? Of course you never told us what Mr. Camper looked like I’m just assuming. 😉 Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy comfort.

    Nicely done story.



  4. Oh Helen, this is wonderful! What a great writer and poet you are! She is very devious and incredibly smart! Wow, good story and I don’t think she is that reluctant – I think she is an opportunist! Good job Helen! Nan 🙂

  5. Helen, Good story. I don’t like camping, but I think I’d look for other things about the person. I’d put up with the camping if the guy was a nice person otherwise. If she’s a good wife to the wealthy man, all well and good. It’s possible to learn to love someone if they’re a nice person. I would gently discourage the Speedos if possible. I would definitely look for someone who loved having a family. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

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