Mirror, Mirror

Wednesday again and time for my weekly fix of Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word piece of flash to the weekly photo prompt. Alas, I’ve once more succumbed to the curse of rhyme as my fiction has taken off with a bronzed Spanish wrestler for a short sabbatical. The latest postcard was rather short, written in eyeliner and stained with red wine, so the trip may last a little longer than anticipated……

Why don’t you follow the link and have a go,


Photo Copyright : Janet Webb


Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Catching features,

Warts and all,

Falling in and falling under,

Spells that cast are pulled asunder,


Mirror, mirror, say my name,

Do you know,

From where I came,

Running on and running over,

Time is lost that won’t recover,


Mirror, mirror, where am I,

Chasing something,

Don’t know why,

Looking here and looking yonder,

Trailing secrets as I wander,


Mirror, mirror, face unseen,

Show me now,

Where I have been,

Living with and living in,

This mirrored cell I’m caught within.

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