Mind Boxes

Here is my weekly attempt at 100 words of fiction for the fabulous ‘Friday Fictioneers’. Unusual for me, but quite deep this week, it may be a new moon or a vitamin deficiency, so I won’t take it too much to heart just yet. If I’m still deep next week, call in the mountain rescue…….

Deep, dark, funny or just downright rude, whatever your inclination get yourself over to the ever welcoming inn of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and quench your thirst.


Original Photo Copyright : Dawn Q Landau

With a border of salt-edged tears, all the images and memories, the experiences and revelations are separated in my mind. Childhood and adolescence, love affairs and friendships, all neatly boxed into squares.

My conscience is a figure; a keeper of secrets, protector of truth. Sheโ€™s wise beyond the years alreadyย walked and aged beyond the life already lived. Wrapped up well against the cold wind of doubt that often seeps from where I am, she carries my indulgence in her hands. Yet the compassion I crave lays heavy on her shoulders and I feel the weight of every footstep in my mind.

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