Can You?


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Can you catch me a wish,

A look or a smile,

Capture a teardrop,

And hold it a while,


Can you bring me a feeling,

Wrapped up in lace,

An imprisoned assurance,

That I can embrace,


Can you grasp me a thought,

Like a want or a need,

And steal me a wonder,

To grow from a seed,


Can you show me the promise,

In a trust and a hope,

And rescue them for me,

These dreams they evoke.

Spring Clean

spring clean 1

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Sweep away heartache,

With the dust of the past,

And brush away rejection,

So it falls where its cast,

Let emptiness be washed,

In the waters of hope,

And loneliness be scented,

With a promise filled soap,

Let the windows be opened,

And the doors be unlocked,

Let the breeze of beginnings,

Lift dreams that have stopped,

Let the wants of tomorrow,

Be the needs of today,

As you wipe away sorrow,

And erase yesterday.

The Reluctant Camper

Another Wednesday, Friday Fictioneers. A weekly photo prompt to write a 100 words (give or take) of fiction. Over 100 people each week fight the good fight, to entertain and enlighten, shock and surprise. Follow the link, read the stories, write your own, you’d be crazy not to….


Original Photo : Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The dampness seeped beneath her skin,

“You ok?”

She didn’t answer.

He put another piece of wood on the fire. The wet bark and moss throwing a plume of smoke across the darkness that settled like a bad taste at the back of her throat.

“Isn’t this great?”

She still didn’t answer.

Tracing over the sapphire in her engagement ring, she pictured all the other camping trips still to come. She also pictured Brian from accounting and his villa in Spain.

Six months later the 2 carat diamond in her wedding ring glistened against the Spanish sun as Brian’s paunch hung regally over his speedos,

Sipping her cocktail she mused “Who said money isn’t everything?”

I Am There

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In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the secrets you bury,

And the battles you fight,

I’m the shadow behind you,

And the breath on your face,

I’m the darkness you’ve hidden,

And the fear you can’t face,


In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the steps never taken,

And the tears never cried,

I’m the want that you stifle,

And the need you ignore,

I‘m your death and survival,

Both your poison and cure,


In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the fire and the brimstone,

 And the corruption of right,

I’m the pain and the suffering,

The ecstasy and high,

I’m your drug of addiction,

But you can’t tell me why.