1st Place

Wednesday is the new Friday. Time again for the weekly foray into Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction based on the weekly photo prompt. Addictive, compulsive and oh so entertaining. Follow the link and join in the party, the music is good, the refreshments are free and the toilets are spotless.


Photo Copyright : Douglas M. Mcilroy

Emily was drowning under a lifetime of 2nd place rosettes, she was never quite enough; the quintessential nearly there, the almost made it, the must work harder.  Not today. Today she’d be first.

She did another check, all there, every item on the scavenger list.

The prize giving was still held up while the police removed the body. The zip on the body bag stopping at the 6” knife forcibly planted in the chest of last year’s winner.

Agitation and excitement threatened her composure but 1st place would soften the blow of the missing knife from her mother’s kitchen set.

34 thoughts on “1st Place

  1. First: the comment about Wednesday being the new Friday made me smile! Second: I used to love scavenger hunts – wish I could still participate. Third: Great take on the prompt. Competition gone bad.

  2. Competitive much? I always think the murderers in stories like this should take the time to buy a new knife–using someone else’s credit card, of course. Sounds like your character might have a few years behind bars to spend savoring her victory.


  3. Dear Helen,

    If we’re ever in a writing contest…you win.

    This was fantastic and funny and all rolled into one body bag. I love the determination that drives it and your MC. Very well done.



  4. This is great, Helen, and took me by surprise! I can clearly see the image of the zipping of the bag and running into the knife. I’m not sure Emily thought this whole thing through. She may be spending her win in jail! Well done!

  5. Helen, Remind me never to enter a contest of any kind with her as a contestant. I enjoyed the touch of humor about the knife. It would make a good comedy/crime drama. I could picture them zipping and stopping at the knife. Well written. 🙂 — Susan

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