Meet Me At …

Friday Fictioneers is once more open for business. A piece of 100 word flash fiction  based on a weekly photo prompt. Addictive, entertaining and so laced with calories you’ll need bigger knickers. Follow the link and get your comfortable pants out.

This weeks photo copyright : Melanie Greenwood

meet me at   1

24 thoughts on “Meet Me At …

  1. Ha ha, oh dear 😦
    Quick, delete some old stuff! Or maybe there’s a bit of relief mixed in there, like when you’re both excited and scared about doing something and then the decision is taken out of your hands.

  2. Arghh!! Ha ha. Love the emoticons and x’s. Yes, they say so much, don’t they? Or, should I say, their absence does, more than anything. What will happen next? I think she will be deleting some files. So funny!

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