Poetic Healing

Really excited to be nominated for this, but also a little humbled to be chosen. I don’t consider myself a clever writer, I just write what’s in my head at the time. I wrote my 1st ever poem just over a year ago and I seem to have found a new voice, it may not be the loudest, the strongest or even the brightest but it’s mine and the fact people seem to hear me is the jam in my doughnut. Thank you so much for everyone who has ever stumbled on my page, even if by accident, but come in, sit down, and share my doughnut. 🙂

The Neighborhood

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought 
and the thought has found words.
– Robert Frost

cover art DREAMER Through the Storm by ajanovic

Poetic Healing blogger awards Sally Cronin, Author/Blogger, United Kingdom

Hello. My name is Sally Cronin. I am an Author and Blogger serving up health, music and words for a great life at Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life. I am delighted in presenting the 2014 Thepublicblogger Awards Nominees for Best Poetry/Spiritual Healing blog or post. Without further adieu.

and the nominees are…..

 Poesy plus Polemics
nominated for the post ‘Music of Scars’

poetic healing ‘Stoic’ by Kim Roberti from Music of Scars

Traditional family values, staunch conservative, flag waving, gun shooting, judgemental and unapologetic are the words Paul  F. Lenzi of New Hampshire, uses in description of who and what he is, and if viewing through a political lense, he appears to be a polarizing person. We may believe…

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