One Born Every Minute

Time again for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction based around the weekly changing photo prompt. Addictive, delicious and so very entertaining. Follow the link, read the others and join in yourself, it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.


Photo Copyright : Claire Fuller

Sally spent her nights in the abandoned smoke house on the edge of town. A heavy stench of fish still seeped from the blackened oak boards.

Most of the rats and other night crawlers had moved on. Things that couldn’t be repaired she’d use as firewood, things she could sell or barter were piled in the corner.

She lay down on the bed of rags, her breathing heavy and her belly extended and rigid. The baby would come tonight.

Across town the Earl of Middleham savoured his brandy.  “I think I’ll call you Sally” he drawled, his eyes hungrily undressing the comely young housemaid stoking the fire.

21 thoughts on “One Born Every Minute

  1. Dear Helen,

    You certainly gave birth to another direction for the prompt. I hope Sally the First (probably not the first) has someone to attend her. As for the Earl, I hope a chandelier drops on his head. Well done.



  2. Dear Helen,

    Consider ‘distended’ instead of ‘extended’. I think it reads better. Of course, your call and all, just mentioning it. Your story is a good one, contrasting poverty and plenty, pain and pleasure, lust and loss. Well done.



  3. Helen, Good story that stood well on its own, but would make a great hook for a short story or novel. The Earl better be careful. Some young woman related to one of the girls he used and cast out may poison him. They work around the food. I think he’s playing a dangerous game. At least in the movies that could happen. Well written. — Susan

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