Only In The Library

Wednesday again, so that can only mean one thing……. Friday Fictioneers. A weekly visit to one of the most eclectic libraries on campus, hosted by our ever gracious librarian, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. A 100 word flash fiction based on the photo prompt provided. It may not be easy but it’s oh so entertaining.


 Photo Copyright : Randie Mazie

The swerve of the dragon’s tail slammed against the ancient oak. The ground shook. The trunk swayed. First one body, then another, as Fagin and Doctor Watson hit the ground running. Up above a golden phoenix circled. To the east, a snow-capped peninsular pierced a cloud of silver mist; three little pigs and Gandalf almost at the summit.

Whilst beyond the dragon’s lair, between the dunes and the raging sea, Captain Nemo gave the order to dive.  Merlin raised his wand, King Arthur held back the Germans as Mr Magoo saved Private Ryan from the sting of Cleopatra’s asp.

Imagine that!

16 thoughts on “Only In The Library

  1. Dear Helen, Yes you could find all these possibilities in the library and what was still wondered about would come from your very intelligent mind! Good job and fun story! Nan 🙂

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