Another Day, Another Job

Another attempt at a fab prompt I’ve let slip just lately, Al Forbe’s  Sunday Photo Fiction. Around 200 words of fiction based around the weekly changing photo. A great way to while away a Sunday, or any other day of the week come to that. Get yourself over and give it a try,



Photo Copyright : Al Forbes

The water spray peppered across her face cooling the tension in her features. Her eyes closed, almost involuntarily, as she lay back on the grass. The late afternoon sun splayed a comforting blanket of warmth underneath as she kicked off her shoes, letting them fall.

Another day, another job. An image of John’s bewildered face flashed in her head, the look of shock before he fell. The single line of red slowly seeping down his forehead. She shuddered, letting the image flit back into the dark corners of her subconscious.  Back with the others, locked away, categorised and filed in alphabetical and chronological order. She was sharp, she was ruthless and bizarrely, rather anal about record keeping.

Her heightened senses caught the slight change in light behind her eyelids and the subtle drop in temperature across her legs. Underneath the loose linen of her shirt, her fingers instinctively bent towards her palm, fisting her hand. She opened her eyes, her body primed, ready to jump. She looked up at the blue cloudless sky. Nothing. She quickly scanned the park, nothing.

Assassination was hard, but knowing the target was harder, sleeping with the target was harder still. She picked up her shoes, dusted the grass from her back and walked back to the car. At least she could stretch out in an empty bed tonight.

Looking In


Original Photo :


I stand on the outside,

And only look in,

No-one can see me,

Or know where I’ve been,

I watch from the window,

My glass prison wall,

Fate had enslaved me,

Fate watched me fall,

And windowpane tears,

Like soft falling rain,

Rattle the shutters,

The breeze of my pain,


In the room I see laughter,

And love in her eyes,

But I know you deceive,

Your smile a disguise,

I watch the light dimmer,

And see her life fade,

Your hands on her throat,

Her eyes on the blade,


I stand on the outside and only look in,

But now she can see me, for again he will win.