Beneath The Layers

Another highly recommended prompt, this time hosted by the effortlessly creative Justine from ‘eclectic odds n sods’. Follow the link to have a go. This week’s theme word is ‘Decadence’ inspired by the quote below :


“The exotic and the erotic ideals go hand in hand, and this fact also contributes another proof of a more or less obvious truth – that is, that a love of the exotic is usually an imaginative projection of a sexual desire.”
― Mario Praz, The Romantic Agony”

I found a picture a while ago and filed it away thinking inspiration may attack me later. When I saw the prompt the picture popped into my head again. Looking beneath the layers, beyond the here and now, perhaps what we show isn’t who we really are. I know the connection is loose but it worked for me….

decadence 1

Original Photo :

Stripping back layers,

Behind what we see,

Beyond the resistance,

Beyond what’s beneath,

Tasting the hunger,

And feeling it wain,

Thirsting for heaven,

Its pleasure and pain,

Soaring for freedom,

The devil’s caress,

Drowning in ecstasy,

Its wanton finesse,

Touching and tasting,

Accepting it all,

Needing and wanting,

The rise and the fall,

Yet knowing it’s over,

As the layers fall away,

And all I am left with,

Is the decadent decay.

Sticks And Stones

Friday Fictioneers again, a great way to delve into the creative juices of a rag tag bunch of eclectic dabblers. Get yourself over follow the link and join in the fun.



The memories of school still strangled her soul. Sat at the back, nobody saw, nobody cared. She was just the girl with the raggedy hair. Her mamma always said ‘sticks and stones can break your bones but names will never hurt you’. But mamma was wrong, the pain had been real, the pain had been a fire that never went out.

A week after the ‘Class of 95’ reunion the police were no further forward. The disappearance of the Prom Queen was looking like a murder hunt but her body still hadn’t been found.

Sticks and stones can break your bones but they can also bury those that taunt you.

The Journey

frozen time

 Original Photo :

A moment through time,

I go there and back,

I journey,

I travel,

I go and come back,

I think of you,

Or I think that I do,

But I’m never quite sure,

If it really is you,

Perhaps it’s a scent,

A face in the crowd,

Maybe a shadow,

Or a whisper too loud,

But I feel there’s a moment,

A time to explore,

Something that holds me,

That I can’t quite ignore,

So I capture the moment,

And quarantine time,

Trying to remember,

If the moment was mine.