Who Am I?

Wednesday already and time for my Friday treat, well Friday Fictioneers anyway. A 100 words of fiction based around the photo provided. Follow the link and jump on in.


Photo Copyright : Melanie Greenwood

You asked me once if I’d tell you my secret. You said you could sense it, buried, hidden beneath my shadows. You said you knew me.

You were wrong.

You said the truth would leave a trail, lead me out of the maze, that the truth would clear the pathways and open doors I’d never seen.

You were wrong.

I’d seen what the truth could offer; seen friendship turn to anger and laughter turn to hate and I’d seen the faces cower as they turned and walked away.

So please don’t ask again, not if you want to love me!

26 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Interesting and deep. It’s as if you’ve written not so much a story about the maze but the maze puts your story into “view” and your story explains a deeper meaning to the image. I’d say they compliment each other. And the depth of your concept is appreciated as well, it’s thought provoking.


  2. It’s interesting that he sensed the secret ‘beneath her shadow’. I wonder how he could tell. I really like the tone of this, and the ending is great – do we choose to love?

  3. It’s hard to know when the truth is best left untold. Only the individual who holds the secret can decide. The truth itself has been known to destroy something that was once simple and beautiful. A powerful and thought provoking piece and very well written.

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