Silence is my sanity,

My escape from life, my liberty,

The still that calms the raging storms,

And quells the hum of teeming swarms,


Silence is my honesty,

My release from fear, my lucidity,

The peace that stills the angry tide,

And calms the fall and its wretched slide,


Silence is my clarity,

My battle truce, my tranquillity,

The ease to know what’s right and wrong,

And the time to plan how the war is won.


Silence is my stability,

My rock of faith, my solidity,

The sound that fades my doubts to none,

And the hush that bids my woes be gone.


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12 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I remember when you just started toying with poetry, Helen. Your writing has become so good. The metre and rhyme of this. Swarms and storms is an inspired pairing. Very nice.

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