Walking With Strangers

crowds 2

One amongst the many,

Shadowing the wall,

Hiding with the others,

Lost within the whole,


Searching for an anchor,

A sea of crowded faces,

Only seeing strangers,

In all the familiar places,


Voices in the shadows,

Caution in the eyes,

Choruses of whispers,

Of ignorance and lies,


One amongst the many,

Each face is but the same,

Searching for acceptance,

Someone to know your name.


Original Photo Copyright: www.flickr.com/photos/marfis75/12300601595

One thought on “Walking With Strangers

  1. I like the rhythm of this poem. I am left wondering though whether there should be some sort of fulfillment of the quest. Looking for acceptance or a feeling of membership among a group of strangers…does the seeker find it? Or does he/she recognize we are all alone in a crowd?

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