Time For A Different Tune

Wednesday already and the weekly rush to try and create something from nothing. Something that’s  worthy of the fabulous Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction (nobody dies if you happen to go over) based around the photo prompt provided. If you haven’t tried it already, where have you been??????


 Photo Copyright : David Stewart


She whispered “Thank you”

He didn’t answer, just lowered his head, inhaling her breath with his own.

She pulled back, losing her footing but his arm reached out and caught her.

He let go. She stepped back.

She put the gun in her pocket, turned, and left for home.

He watched her go.

In the kitchen, the acrid smell of whiskey and gin, cigarettes and loathing, lay heavy in the air.

“BITCH” hissed across the worktop.

Her first shot, a soft crescendo rippling through his flesh.  The second through bone, the crisp sound of cymbals shattering like glass and the third through his heart, one last beat of the drum.


26 thoughts on “Time For A Different Tune

  1. Brilliant story, Helen! Such a tense sense of atmosphere at the start, and false sense of relief as she walks away. The way you tied instrumental notes to the death scene is simply perfect. This isvone of my favorites!

  2. I don’t know how you managed to write so beautifully about murder (or justifiable homicide), but your gorgeous writing took my breath away. The last paragraph, in particular, is perfection.

  3. Dear helen,

    I tip my hat to your imaginative use of music as metaphor. This story was well written and made me think of nourish stories of the past and murder and marriage and, of course, the music. Well done.



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