Dinner Time

Has anyone seen my marbles? …….. I’m teetering on the edge – marking, brief writing, assessments, housework, unpaid taxi service, sandwich maker, industrial volume laundry (teenagers, arghhh). But amidst the chaos my little bit of freedom, Friday Fictioneers, a 100 words of escapism. This weeks photo, supplied by Rachel Bjerke, seemed almost mystical, a bit Lewis Carroll’ish and I couldn’t shake the silliness of ‘Jabberwocky’ hence my bit of nonsense below.


Round the corner, quarter past three,

Below the sun, above the sea,

Hands move on, its quarter to four,

Somebodies knocking, open the door,


Stealing the minutes, its half past five,

Who’s in the oven, roasting alive,

Hearing the tap, the tic and the toc,

Dinner not ready, its seven o clock,


Out of the well, at eight forty six,

A wizened old crow licking her lips,

Rubbing her belly, nearly ten thirty,

Pulls out a fork, looks at me flirty,


Meat well done, the midnight hour,

Roasted soul with a parsnip tower.

Dream Stealer


castle 3

I built a castle out of dreams,

And I flew on gilded wings,

I soared above the eagles,

Amongst the pretty things,

I wove a trail of rainbows,

Amid the candied cloud,

And floated on the sunshine,

When e’er the breeze allowed,


 I watched the castle crumble,

And I saw the eagles fall,

I felt the earth beneath me,

And I heard the thunder call,

I couldn’t stem the hourglass,

Nor could I catch the time,

I couldn’t keep on dreaming,

When the morn began to climb.


Original Photo :  www.flickr.com/photos/44333718@N05/4139244462