Counting The Minutes

My weekly fix of Friday Fictioneers, a 100 words of fiction based on the weekly photo prompt. For me the challenge isn’t just about the word count but trying new styles, new stories, new voices. Some work better than others, some I’ll carry forward, some I’ll never use again, but you don’t know till you try and you’ve gotta love a trier……..


  Original Photo : Roger Bultot

7.15pm  Finishes work  –  Jade green coat with a fake fur trim.

7.23pm  Leaves underground carpark– A scent of jasmine lingers in the lift.

7.45pm  Stops at store – A bottle of Merlot and a soft brown baguette.

8.02pm  Pulls into garage – Key under pot, no one ever learns.

8.25pm  Light in bedroom  –  Matching bra and panties.

8.30pm  Light in bathroom – Steam obscures view.

8.44pm  Reaches for towel – Speckles of water on alabaster skin.

8.46pm  Knife raised high – Blood flows clockwise.

9.15pm   Oven turned on – Sweet smell of gas.

9.17pm   Cigarette in bin –  I close the door behind me.

9.21pm  BOOM – Time to say goodbye!

I Gotta Ticket To Ride

Wednesday again and time for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word piece of fiction based on the weekly changing photo prompt. Get yourself over and join in the fun, go on I dare you.


Original Photo : Jennifer Pendergast

The sun was at its lowest and a trail of burning orange was dancing across the mountain tops. I knew the train was coming. I heard it pick up speed, from a rattle to a rumble and I smelt its coal fired belly, though I couldn’t see the steam.

Papa used to say “Every soul has a ticket for the death train”. Papa said a lot of things. He said never talk to strangers or never leave the trail. I wish I’d listened to Papa.

Because now there’s blood on my dress, dirt in my mouth and a train ticket in my pocket.