You were a stranger,

Through my yesterdays,

A face I’d never seen,

A name I’d never heard of,

Or a place I’d never been,

A reflection in a window,

A footprint in the sand,

An echo in the distance,

A brush upon my hand,


You were a hint,

Of summer sunshine,

A scent of autumn pine,

A whispered chill of winter,

A whitened auburn vine,

Amid the changing seasons,

The new that follows old,

The friend I hadn’t met yet,

The stories not yet told.


The strangers of my yesterdays,

Are soon tomorrow’s memories.


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I once tasted love,

More potent than wine,

And savoured the flavour,

Of a taste so divine,

I drank from a glass,

Of warm bodied need,

Its heady elixir,

My thirst and my greed,

Where liquid seduction,

Infused every sip,

And cherry tipped kisses,

Did dance on my lips,


My glass maybe empty,

I’ve slept away time,

But I loved and I lost,

And I tasted fine wine.

Come Back Tomorrow

come back


Come back tomorrow,

And see what I’ve done,

All I’ve completed,

And all I’ve begun,


Come back tomorrow,

And hear where I’ve been,

All I have visited,

And all I have seen,


Come back tomorrow,

And know who I was,

All I have won,

And all I have lost,


Come back tomorrow,

And ask me again,

Ask me to want you,

As I wanted you then.

The Puzzle

And once more unto the breach dear friends. Time again for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction based on the photo prompt provided. Sometimes I know what to write as soon as I see the picture other times it’s a puzzle…….


 Photo Copyright : Lauren Moscato

Regret doesn’t wipe away the stench or lessen the stain, it only makes it worse. Yet huddled in the corners, beneath all those empty dreams and promises, hope still gnaws at our souls. Hope we can right our wrongs.

Shelter is so near, sometimes so near that we can almost taste its freedom. They say if you find your way in, that you never want to leave. That you won’t be held captive by fear or panic, instead choice becomes your jailer.

But the way in isn’t clear. There are no open windows or no steps to the door; but then, there isn’t a puzzle worth solving that doesn’t take thought.