Beautiful Inside And Out

I’m running a bit late again, nothing new at the moment. Here’s this weeks contribution to the fab Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction based around the weekly photo prompt, this week provided by Douglas M Macilroy. Get yourself over, clink on the linky and give it a go.


Sarah-Jane Moore didn’t walk, she glided. Through the double entrance doors to the makeshift stage, every eye followed her,  from the curl of her long golden hair to the sculptured perfection poured into her dress.

It was like the air had been sucked out of the room. Jenny’s palms started to sweat, her left eye twitched and her spandex lost control of her stomach. Every school reunion was the same.

She fingered the locket around her neck, picturing her daughter’s painting on the fridge “My mummy’s beautiful inside and out”.

Something the venomous Sarah-Jane Moore could never be.  Jenny smiled and re-adjusted her spandex.

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Inside And Out

  1. Lovely story. It’s sweet how Jenny is given confidence by her daughter’s words (and the spandex!) – I hope she can keep it up if SJ (I’m sure she was called “SJ” back at school) decides to have a go at her.

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  3. Dear Helen,

    Sometimes we drag that baggage from the past behind us. I found that to be true at my most recent class reunion. Some of us grew up and some of didn’t. 😉 She needs to remember her daughter’s words. Lovely and poignant story.



  4. This is very beautiful, and with such fine humour. I just love how the spandex lost control of her stomach, and how the thought of her daughter sets her right again.

  5. I like that the focus is on Jenny, and her perception of Sarah-Jane and of herself. How sad that she has measured herself by the standard of someone else. I love how you’ve shown her battle for self-acceptance, and the motifs of the spandex and her daughter’s painting show that she’s winning.

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