I Thought I Knew The Place

Back on track and into the land of the living. So here’s this weeks attempt for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word piece of fiction for the weekly changing photo prompt. It’s a pain free addiction.


I broke my journey today. Just on a whim, simply because the sun was shining. I walked through the streets, here and there. A passage of moments, here and there.

I knew the place, or I thought I did. But maybe I didn’t know it all.  Maybe I recognised it from a film or a photograph in a book. Is that what I fear?

A fear that beneath the recognition, beneath the stones and mortar and the familiar scented breeze, that there is really just a hollowness. An emptiness disguised.

I thought I knew the place. Perhaps I’ll know it now.

16 thoughts on “I Thought I Knew The Place

  1. Very thoughtful and beautiful. I think that fear of hollowness underneath the seemingly familiar resonates with many of us. But maybe she can get reaquainted, properly this time.

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