The Go-Between

Time again for the fabulous Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction based around the photo prompt provided. The most fun you can have with your clothes on….


Photo Copyright : The Reclining Gentleman

The headlights in front blurred. The wipers useless against the deluge, as bullets of water pummelled the roof, echoing round the cab.

Nothing but static on the radio………..

The rain eased. He could hear his breathing again. A single bead of sweat teased down his back, pooling at the base of his spine.

Clammy hands gripped the steering-wheel.

Twisting the dial again…. still nothing….

Crackle… a noise….. faint…..

“HELP ME”…..

then nothing…..

The headlines next day said ‘Body found, ransom never paid. Go-between and

£500,000 swept away in the storm’

He folded the paper, smiled and ordered another margarita.


Another Friday, another Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words (approx) of fiction based on the photo prompt provided. My inspiration this week comes from the film ‘Philomena’. I only watched it this week and it’s still floating about in my head.


Photo Copyright : David Stewart

I remember tiny moments of hope that lit up the darkness, pockets of familiarity that happened by chance. In the distance, beyond the gate; the rumble of a truck or the anxious tap of heels rushing past the walls. Somehow, in those moments, the air always seemed a little lighter, its hold a little looser.

But between the laundry and the chores, the prayers and penitation, those moments never lingered, they just bled away quietly through a river of dirty water.

Now I’m on the outside looking in, only its empty shell remains. And I’m still searching for that hope and the child they took away.

Half A Hope

I’ve done very little writing for quite a while now and have missed my usual fixes. But now the storms seem to be passing and life is getting back on an even keel, so here’s to being back in the saddle. What better way than the fabulous ‘Friday Fictioneers’. A 100 words of fiction to blow away the cobwebs.


Photo Copyright : Jennifer Pendergast

She asked him again,


He looked at her, his face impassive, “Do I not feed you, warm you, keep you safe?”

She looked up and met his gaze. For a second, seeing a glimmer, something beyond the emptiness. But then just as quick it was gone. What was left, chilled her blood. She lowered her eyes and pulled her shawl tighter.

Biting down the promise fighting in her chest she plucked another feather from the still warm carcass. Soon. Soon she’d be free. The boat was half wrecked, but half a hope was better than no hope at all.