All The Fun Of The Fair

It’s the first Wednesday of the week, so time again for Friday Fictioneers. The hottest joint this side of the equator, pull up a chair, grab a drink and join in the party. A 100 words of fiction around a weekly changing photo. Enjoy..


Photo Copyright : Ted Strutz

It was the memory that gave off the smell. So much fear, it clung to her; to her hair, to her skin.  With every breath, she could still taste the shame.

“Go on, it’s only a swing” they’d said,

“We’ll sit next to you” they’d said,

They’d lied.

She’d seen them at the rail, pointing, laughing. The lonely girl who thought she’d finally been accepted, soaring alone, 60 feet above.

She’d peed her pants!

20 years later, laughing seagulls circled above. A single tear pooled.

Chiding herself, she got back into the car.

After all, seagulls don’t laugh and big girls don’t cry…

23 thoughts on “All The Fun Of The Fair

  1. Maybe she should have eaten a couple of hot dogs and a pizza first. When that splattered on the spectators at the rail, they wouldn’t have been laughing so hard.
    It’s sad when one person gets singled out in the pecking order. Hard to recover from humiliation too. Very well written, Helen.

  2. Sad story that we’ve all experienced in one way or another – and I’m guilty of even being on the other side of the fence a few times as well without meaning to do the harms to others that I had done to me.


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