A Different Kind Of Ball

Time again for the fabulous Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words (give or take) of fiction based around the photo prompt provided. My last few attempts have been quite deep so thought I’d lighten up a little this week. A change is as good as a rest, or so they say.


Photo Copyright : C.E. Ayr

Outside, away from the crowd, he saw only her. She looked up, met his eyes. He wanted to move, go forward, touch her, but his legs were like lead, rooted to the ground.

It must be the street lights, he thought, as the tic in the corner of her eye raced faster; her hair lengthened, past her neck, then onto her shoulder. A shoulder suddenly wider, more muscular.

She turned and ran.

He watched.

He picked up the shoe she’d lost. He’d find her again. He knew it.

Turning it over he read the label –Male, size 14, xxx wide fit.

“She must have a brother”!

16 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Ball

  1. I confess that I struggled a bit with this, Helen.
    A small short-haired lady becomes a tall long-haired muscular man with an eye defect?
    I’ll try again next week!

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