Where Echoes Never Reach

Written for dVerse Poetics. A prompt inspired by Canadian poet David McFadden.To write about everyday life with an element of wonder, dotted with psychic bus stops that are sometimes unfathomable to ourselves.

As I struggle to find calm amidst the chaos this is where it took me –



Right there,

On the peak of confusion,

On the highest point,

The tallest crest,

Where peace,

It seems so far away,

Up here where echoes,

Never reach.



Listen now,

To the ripples of misperception,

Where the air is thin,

Yet laced with hum,

It’s not that far from sanity,

It’s not that far at all,

Up here where angels,

Never sleep.


Original Photo: www.morguefile.com/creative/Koan



15 thoughts on “Where Echoes Never Reach

  1. I’ve visited that peak often, sometimes I tarry there. It feels like I live there, looking down on the chaos, turmoil, lies, murders & politics–all framing the planet’s glaciers melting, & the sea rising.

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