Another week, another Friday Fictioneers. 100 words of fiction based around the weekly changing photo prompt. I’m on a roll, 2 weeks on the trot, yeahh.

marie gail stratford

Photo Copyright : Marie Gail Stratford

On the 3rd floor, a young couple use storage boxes for a table and eat Noodles out of paper tubs.

Four floors up. A nervous mum picks wet towels up off the floor, stops at the mirror and dusts powder over her bruised cheek. A perfect tea awaits her husband.

The lift stops at the 10th floor, the retired teacher and his wife take the stairs up the next two floors. He carries the bags when her arthritis is bad.

In an office across town, the last eviction notice is sealed. The developer sits back and smirks “bricks and mortar, just bricks and mortar”.

Unexpected Colour

I feel like a prodigal child returning to the fold. This is my 1st piece for Friday Fictioneers for quite a while. I lost my mojo for a while and it seems so long since I’ve written for fun. Life & work are now easing and my mojo seems to be coming back, either that or it’s indigestion!!


Photo Copyright : Ted Strutz

Beyond the grime and peeling paintwork, beneath the faded walls and crumbling plaster, I can still hear you. I hear the laughter in your voice, see the smile in your eyes and I know that you’re there. Like a ghost running through the rooms; slipping back into the walls before I can catch you.

I see you in the little spots of colour that bloom in unlikely places. In unexpected shards of sunlight that dance across the gloom and it is then that I know. I know you’re there, the girl I used to be.

And then I’m not so lost.