Unexpected Colour

I feel like a prodigal child returning to the fold. This is my 1st piece for Friday Fictioneers for quite a while. I lost my mojo for a while and it seems so long since I’ve written for fun. Life & work are now easing and my mojo seems to be coming back, either that or it’s indigestion!!


Photo Copyright : Ted Strutz

Beyond the grime and peeling paintwork, beneath the faded walls and crumbling plaster, I can still hear you. I hear the laughter in your voice, see the smile in your eyes and I know that you’re there. Like a ghost running through the rooms; slipping back into the walls before I can catch you.

I see you in the little spots of colour that bloom in unlikely places. In unexpected shards of sunlight that dance across the gloom and it is then that I know. I know you’re there, the girl I used to be.

And then I’m not so lost.

25 thoughts on “Unexpected Colour

  1. Your description was sort of haunting yet beautiful- “Like a ghost running through the rooms; slipping back into the walls before I can catch you”. You’ve given me the little courage boost to return to the fold myself. Welcome back and thank you 🙂

  2. Great seeing you again, Helen! Like you, I just returned to the FF fold two weeks ago after a long absence. My writing mojo needed to have its ground lie fallow for awhile. Also, because Rochelle called me a coward and I thought, “Coward, am I? We shall SEE!” Let’s keep it going. Your writing was always something I looked forward to, now it’s back. Welcome!

  3. I’ve been victim to the mojo eating monsters on quite a few occasions myself. Glad to have you back among us, and with a wonderful story to boot.

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