The Library

Wednesday again and time for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction based on the photo prompt provided. This weeks pic made me think of scribbles and riddles and silly type rhymes. Excuse my fluffy entry this week, not sure if it’s too much or too little wine!!

kentbonhamPhoto Copyright – Kent Bonham

Did you hear that?



What’s that?

What’s what?


There it is again

What is?

That is!

What’s that?

What’s what?


Did you hear it then?


Oh my god, you’re driving me mad. I don’t EVEN know if I heard it now.

Heard what?


What’s it?

What I heard.

What did you hear?

Forget it, I didn’t hear anything.

Then why did you say it?

Say what?

What you said

Because I did.

Did what?

Hear it!

Hear what?


There’s no need to shout, I’m not deaf!


32 thoughts on “The Library

  1. Sounds like me! My children and many close to me say that my articulations are all ” that thing”, “this thing”, “there”, “where” etc! Hilarious and life to the hilt!

  2. Boy, I live this one every day. Especially since the damage to my eardrum.
    I chuckled. This is really good stuff.

    Also, I loved the line about too much or too little wine. I can relate to that one too.

  3. Chuckling I am! Love the fluff — and will tip my evening glass of chardonnay to writing tales with wine in hand! 🙂 I often do my best poetry that way 🙂
    Just back from two months in Bermuda, getting reacclimated to Friday Fictioneers — the telling and the reading. This reminded me of the old Abbot and Costello routine “Who’s on first?” 🙂 Loved it!

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