This weeks entry to Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words (or there abouts) of fiction based on the weekly photo prompt provided. Follow the link to read and participate.

roger bultot

Photo Copyright : Roger Bultot

She was sat on the step. Rain hood tipped back, framing her face, hugging a doll tightly to her chest.

“I told Dr Smith, Sarah would do it” she said in a detached whisper.

Sgt. Reynolds took her hands, against the thickness of his, hers were soft and small.

He wanted to say something, but couldn’t.

Her lemon cotton dress was stained with blood. Its heavy scent caught in his throat.

“Sarah said I didn’t need Mummy anymore”

He sat looking at her. Electricity sizzled in the wet air.

“Where is Sarah now” he asked.

She opened her arms and silently passed him the doll.

“Hello Sarah” he sighed.

25 thoughts on “Sarah

  1. Well done creepiness Helen! I knew Sarah was the doll…makes you wonder what else she made her “mistress” do… *shudder!

  2. Grim and scary indeed. Dolls can be strangely sinister considering how they’re generally supposed to be cute toys.

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