The Institute For Fallen Herbivours

Friday Fictioneers is craftily braised by the creative talents of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. A 100 words of fiction based around the photo prompt provided. Follow the link and join in the cook off.


Photo Copyright : Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Dr Kale’s hand gripped her shirt. The buttons ripping clean off, shattering on the floor.

The door was locked from the inside, frosted glass blocking the view. On the other side, voices faint and disjointed. Frantic hammering on the door echoed across the walls.

They were coming. Coming to get her out.

Her strength was sapping, laboured breathing tightening her chest.

His body slumped forward,  then slid towards the floor. Tiny shards of buttons, glistened like diamonds in the river of blood seeping beneath the door.

Trailing her tongue across the dripping knife, she smiled.

“Mmmm, I think it’s beef for dinner”

If I Only…

heart isg

I think the words I cannot say

And write the life I cannot play,

I paint the scene I cannot see

To sculpt a truth I cannot free.


I breathe the air I cannot taste,

And sate the thirst I cannot place,

I fuel the need I cannot meet,

To feed a hunger I cannot cheat,


I feel the heat I cannot quell

And touch the tinder I cannot fell,

I chase the space I cannot reach

To storm a wall I cannot breach.


……   If I only had more time.

Fifty Shades Of Magnolia

Friday Fictioneers and its repeat week. I’ve taken the easy route and am using the original story I used for this photo prompt back in April 2014. Two years later I may be older but still no wiser 😉


I said I was sorry!

I heard you the last time.

But you said you wanted more excitement.

You thought I wanted this?

Well, not this exactly, but you sa…..

Stop, don’t say it again, what if next door heard?

I’m sorry Brenda,

Oh my god, what if they come round?

I locked the front door,

They have a spare key!

I’m sorry Brenda,

Stop saying sorry, just untie me.

Sorry Brenda,

And take that bloody helmet off.

I’ve tried, it’s stuck,

This isn’t working Brian!

Sorry Bren.  I could be Zorro next time?

A Little Box Of Marbles

Time again for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction based, as close or as loose as you like, around the photo prompt provided. This weeks effort is a little lighter, it may not last 😉


Photo Copyright : Piya Singh

“Pass my marble box, Jimmy” she asked shewing an imaginary cat away from the chair and sitting down.

“Ave ye got a bamboozler  Gran?”  he asked excitedly


“Ave ye got a cat’s eye?”


“Hav ye got any doublers?”

“No Jimmy”

He swiped his dripping nose across his sleeve “Ye aint got much, have you Gran?”

“Use a hanky” she scolded

“I’m savin ye a job, you’d only afta wash it”

She tried to hide a smile.

“They’re not real marbles Jimmy, it’s where I keep my memories”

He shrugged and moved closer.

“Mam said you’ve lost yer marbles, Gran”