Fifty Shades Of Magnolia

Friday Fictioneers and its repeat week. I’ve taken the easy route and am using the original story I used for this photo prompt back in April 2014. Two years later I may be older but still no wiser 😉


I said I was sorry!

I heard you the last time.

But you said you wanted more excitement.

You thought I wanted this?

Well, not this exactly, but you sa…..

Stop, don’t say it again, what if next door heard?

I’m sorry Brenda,

Oh my god, what if they come round?

I locked the front door,

They have a spare key!

I’m sorry Brenda,

Stop saying sorry, just untie me.

Sorry Brenda,

And take that bloody helmet off.

I’ve tried, it’s stuck,

This isn’t working Brian!

Sorry Bren.  I could be Zorro next time?

14 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Magnolia

  1. Oh dear.
    Sadly your excellent dialogue left almost nothing to my jaundiced imagination.
    Time to draw the curtains over this amusing predicament.

  2. Ha ha! Not everyone’s choice of fantasy… and I’m sure if they can’t extricate themselves the fire brigade and A&E staff will have a good (sneaky) laugh.

  3. I always knew there were … “hidden depths” to this couple. 😀 I could almost hear this conversation behind a door and think, “What on EARTH …???”

    The Midge strikes again! Fabulous, Helen!

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