Another Friday Fictioneers. Another 100 words of fiction based around the photo prompt provided. Come on in and join the party.


Photo Copyright : Jan Marler Morrill

Nearly free. The alleyways, the door fronts, even the sky seemed foreign and unfamiliar. The sun filtered between the gaps in the rooftops and each time it dipped, a cold chill crisscrossed her back.

Someone was following.

Don’t look back.

She walked faster, gripping the handle of her tote so tightly her knuckles were translucent.

Just a few more yards.

Nearly there.

Almost there.


She froze.

Hot breath burned against her cheek “I told you I would find you”

The cold stone walls were closing in. There was nobody to hear her scream.

A different freedom beckoned…


8 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Oh this was great…scary but well done with the suspense. While I don’t like the freedom she is about to experience, I hope it doesn’t hurt

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