Million Dollar Baby!

Another re-visit for Friday Fictioneers. A slightly amended version from Sept 2013. Who’d have thought 3 years later, writing 100 words of fiction for a weekly photo prompt would still be so much fun.


Photo Copyright : Jan Wayne Fields

She flailed and kicked, desperately trying to keep her head above the water, but exhaustion was pulling her down. She fought against its hold, craving the air just above the surface. Nearly there. Almost there. Again she went under.

A liquid vice imprisoned her limbs, each futile stroke lighter than the last.  She tasted the water and the salt of her tears.

As the darkness consumed her, calling her to sleep, she whispered goodbye to the disappearing boat.  Her husband Robert, the only beneficiary of her million dollar life insurance, sat on the deck whispering a much drier farewell.

33 thoughts on “Million Dollar Baby!

  1. Let’s just hope that instead of spending a million dollars Robert spends time in jail (or worse). Or, of course, the boat coming from the other way that rescues her….

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