Stormy Waters

Another re-visit this week, this time from Jan 15. Friday Fictioneers is a 100 words of fiction based on a weekly changing photo prompt. Just dabble your feet in the water and jump right in.


Photo Copyright : Georgia Koch

I watch as the skies turn darker, as the mist sweeps in from the shore.  I feel the chill seep into my centre and the tightness take hold of my soul. I know that the tide is turning, that the storm is upsetting the calm, but I can’t stay away from the danger and I can’t accept the alarm.

I drown in a sea of dejection, swallowed up by a swale of regret. Adrift in a small wooden tender, only steered by the oars of lament.

I know there’s no land on the horizon, we are just ships that passed in the night.

19 thoughts on “Stormy Waters

  1. “…we’re just ships that pass in the night.” because of the strength is the rest of the piece, it feels that this could be adjusted to “…we were just ships that passed…” or “…we were just ships passing…” it feels as if the speaker is experiencing and/or reliving a pain that is approaching again. that’s why i think past tense is necessary in the last line, because the pain and the rejection already happened and the speaker is harkening back to previous events. well done.

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