The Pit-Stop

Time again for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words of fiction (or thereabouts) based around the weekly photo prompt. Too much fun to miss, follow the link and give it a go.


Photo Copyright : Jean L. Hayes

Thick sand covered the ground, but every now and again a snap of colour bit through the dirt. Reds and blues, hints of green, shades of life and hope.

A kaleidoscope of patterns distorting and reforming under a thousand different footsteps. Never the same, never repeating. Unique.

Tucumcar was like that. Unique.

A neon oasis in the endless dust. A pit-stop for the weary and the hungry. They all came. Used the restroom, filled their bellies and their tyres.

And while they ate, someone sucked the air right back outta them tyres.

Oh they all came, but they never left.

That’s what makes Tucumcar unique you see!

14 thoughts on “The Pit-Stop

  1. On route to route 66 is Tucumcar trading post the one place you do not want to have to make a pit stop. Looking at the grave yard of clapped out motorised vehicles I think not. It appears a covered wagon once made a pit stop, look now at what remains. Texaco has come a long way since there was a fuel stop there and the eatery – do we really want to know what lurks behind those four walls, the skeletons of times past perhaps. Antiques, beads and who knows what lurks around the corner following that arrow – Indian territory, just maybe.

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