I Am There

lostOriginal Photo : http://www.flickr.com/photos/whatmegsaid/3192634050

In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the secrets you bury,

And the battles you fight,

I’m the shadow behind you,

And the breath on your face,

I’m the darkness you’ve hidden,

And the fear you can’t face,


In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the steps never taken,

And the tears never cried,

I’m the want that you stifle,

And the need you ignore,

I‘m your death and survival,

Both your poison and cure,


In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the fire and the brimstone,

 And the corruption of right,

I’m the pain and the suffering,

The ecstasy and high,

I’m your drug of addiction,

But you can’t tell me why.

The Abyss

the abyss

Original Photo :  Kristaps Bergfelds https://www.flickr.com/photos/narciss/2430835027

Standing on the edge,

Looking into the abyss,

I’d seen the light succumbing,

Long before it came to this,


I heard the words unspoken,

And read the empty page,

The whispered breath of reason,

Was the truth I couldn’t engage,


I’d seen the dancing figures,

In the flames that died away,

And seen their passion ebbing,

In the languor of their sway,


I’d smelt the scent of history,

That wove between the trees,

Brought down by leaves of empathy,

Like a wreath around my knees,


For the sanguinity of optimism,

That berates a barren shell,

Is the despondent melancholy,

Of despair I cannot quell.

When Darkness Falls

Slumbers corrupted,

With dreams that can burn,

The fire,

The passion,

The need that we spurn,

Invading the weary,

The empty forlorn,

The tired,

The neglected,

The ones on their own,

Arousing suggestion,

With affected controls,

The weakened,

The frightened,

The malleable souls,

Exalting the wicked,

The devil’s own spawn,

The evil,

The sadistic,

The dark before dawn,


Shackled expression,

Of surrender enforced,

Come to me swiftly,

And show no remorse.


The Goblin Door – A photo prompt


I watched you leave and say goodbye, a thousand times before.

In waking thoughts and sleepless dreams I’d seen it all and more.

It was the way you held my hand, yet barely brushed my skin,

And in the way you kissed my lips, the bitter taste of sin.

In the way your eyes held mine, before your mask would fall,

And then you’d turn and leave me there. You did not hear me call.

I saw the pictures on your phone, a thousand times before.

Images that flashed on screen, you wouldn’t say what for.

You came in late and smelt of her and still we did not talk.

You waited till I went to sleep and left before I woke.

The loneliness that swallowed me, seeped in my very soul,

And still I could not ask you if,  there was ever love at all.

I closed the door to pain and loss, a thousand times before,

In broken dreams and promises that hold a shape and form.

I keep them under lock and key and bury them inside,

But sometimes when the pain is strong, I’ve nowhere left to hide.

It’s then I let the Goblins out to feed my yearning lust,

Each one a pain I cannot bare but survival means I must.