First Love

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I still feel the loss,

Of the first taste of love,

And some mornings wake,

With an ache for what was,

In dreams he’s the lover,

Who opens my eyes,

The rescuer, the protector,

The truth without lies,

He’s sometimes the Pirate,

The Lord or the Squire,

Sometimes the Rock Star,

Or protection for hire,

He’s never the villain,

The dark shadowed foe,

But always the hero,

Whose face that I know,

And whenever I’m lost,

Or fear I could fall,

I dream of my first love,

And I’m not lost at all.

What If


What if a kiss,

Could never be kept,

And what if a memory,

Could only been dreamt,

What if a touch,

Could never be ignored,

And what if a taste,

Could never be stored,

What if a dream,

Could never be shared,

And what if a yearning,

Could never be bared,

What if a canvas,

Could never be painted,

And what if a palette,

Could never be tainted.

What if a love song,

Could never be sung,

And what if the music,

Had never begun.