Dream Stealer


castle 3

I built a castle out of dreams,

And I flew on gilded wings,

I soared above the eagles,

Amongst the pretty things,

I wove a trail of rainbows,

Amid the candied cloud,

And floated on the sunshine,

When e’er the breeze allowed,


 I watched the castle crumble,

And I saw the eagles fall,

I felt the earth beneath me,

And I heard the thunder call,

I couldn’t stem the hourglass,

Nor could I catch the time,

I couldn’t keep on dreaming,

When the morn began to climb.


Original Photo :  www.flickr.com/photos/44333718@N05/4139244462

Can You?


abbbOriginal Photo : www.flickr.com/photos/stevenleonti/4747509770


Can you catch me a wish,

A look or a smile,

Capture a teardrop,

And hold it a while,


Can you bring me a feeling,

Wrapped up in lace,

An imprisoned assurance,

That I can embrace,


Can you grasp me a thought,

Like a want or a need,

And steal me a wonder,

To grow from a seed,


Can you show me the promise,

In a trust and a hope,

And rescue them for me,

These dreams they evoke.

I Am There

lostOriginal Photo : http://www.flickr.com/photos/whatmegsaid/3192634050

In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the secrets you bury,

And the battles you fight,

I’m the shadow behind you,

And the breath on your face,

I’m the darkness you’ve hidden,

And the fear you can’t face,


In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the steps never taken,

And the tears never cried,

I’m the want that you stifle,

And the need you ignore,

I‘m your death and survival,

Both your poison and cure,


In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the fire and the brimstone,

 And the corruption of right,

I’m the pain and the suffering,

The ecstasy and high,

I’m your drug of addiction,

But you can’t tell me why.

First Love

first loveOriginal Photo : http://www.flickr.com/photos/katietegtmeyer/73056234

I still feel the loss,

Of the first taste of love,

And some mornings wake,

With an ache for what was,

In dreams he’s the lover,

Who opens my eyes,

The rescuer, the protector,

The truth without lies,

He’s sometimes the Pirate,

The Lord or the Squire,

Sometimes the Rock Star,

Or protection for hire,

He’s never the villain,

The dark shadowed foe,

But always the hero,

Whose face that I know,

And whenever I’m lost,

Or fear I could fall,

I dream of my first love,

And I’m not lost at all.



Lately my dreams,

Don’t wait till I sleep,

They pool on my pillow,

Like the tears that I weep,

They open the curtains,

To the demons I slayed,

Giving life to the shadows,

And the battle’s replayed,


Lately the memories,

Are too much to bear,

They blanket my heart,

I can feel myself tear,

The night is the baker,

That kneads at the beast,

It feeds on my guilt,

And my blood is its yeast,


Lately I waken,

Each morning adrift,

The repose of the blameless,

No longer a gift,

The devil is coming,

And he’s calling my name,

The refuge of daylight,

No shelter from blame.

Time To Let Go


When I was young I thought as a child,

Life was an adventure to play and to hide,

Fear was for grownups and alarm was ignored,

Worry was distant and dreams were explored,


But as I grew older the veil fell away,

Life was much harder with no time to play,

Worry and rejection were everyday fears,

And dreams of adventure were washed away tears,


But now I’m the woman of the child I remembered,

It’s time that I salvaged the dreams I surrendered,

It’s time to find love and time to find hope,

And time to relinquish my hold on the rope.