I Can Only See You Now..

I can only see you now,

As just a thought or touch.

It even seems that on some days,

The pain it feels too much.

Its seeps within the despair I sense,

 And fuels the ache I feel,

It’s in the smell of coffee beans,

Or a tune that seems so real.


I can only see you now,

When I close my eyes to sleep,

Your face appears within my dreams,

The ones I cannot keep.

Where bodies join and passions spend,

A sheen of sated bliss,

Your tongue it steals across my lips,

 And seals a whispered kiss.


I can only see you now,

When time stands fast and still,

Tiny pockets of emptiness,

That I let your darkness fill

Postcard written memories,

 Of all the times we shared,

Of endless possibilities,

And times when you had cared.


I can only see you now,

Across a crowded street,

A tap of quickened footsteps,

But still we do not meet.

I call your name, you do not hear,

And then you fade away,

I knew I should have listened,

When you said you couldn’t stay.


I can only see you now,

As a memento of my sorrow,

I loved you then, I love you still,

I’ll love you on the morrow.