Can You Hear Me?

waiting 3

I’m a random face,

In a crowded world,

A single voice,

That’s barely heard,

I’m a lonely word,

On an empty page,

A forgotten scene,

On a barren stage,

I’m a solo piece,

In a hundred strong,

A supporting act,

An unsigned song,


But look beyond,

And look beneath,

Look around,

Suspend belief,

You’ll see my face,

And hear my voice,

You’ll call my name,

You’ll make a choice,

For I would wait,

A thousand years,

Just to be the voice,

That your heart hears.


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The Instruction Book


If love had a handbook,

Or instructions to follow,

Would the order affect,

The coming tomorrow.

Would a step from the norm,

Restructure the whole,

Would the world still revolve,

Or embrace the free form.


If I knew when to stop,

When to stand back and wait,

Would I learn to accept,

An evolving dictate.

Would I banish my fears,

Of a love that’s free falling,

And welcome the freedom,

That stalled the fate’s calling.


If I went with plan B,

Instead of plan A,

Would I drown in the glory,

Of every new day,

Would I feed on the essence,

Of a love more divine,

And drink from a fountain,

More heady than wine.


If only the handbook,

Was a little bit clearer.