The Reluctant Camper

Another Wednesday, Friday Fictioneers. A weekly photo prompt to write a 100 words (give or take) of fiction. Over 100 people each week fight the good fight, to entertain and enlighten, shock and surprise. Follow the link, read the stories, write your own, you’d be crazy not to….


Original Photo : Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The dampness seeped beneath her skin,

“You ok?”

She didn’t answer.

He put another piece of wood on the fire. The wet bark and moss throwing a plume of smoke across the darkness that settled like a bad taste at the back of her throat.

“Isn’t this great?”

She still didn’t answer.

Tracing over the sapphire in her engagement ring, she pictured all the other camping trips still to come. She also pictured Brian from accounting and his villa in Spain.

Six months later the 2 carat diamond in her wedding ring glistened against the Spanish sun as Brian’s paunch hung regally over his speedos,

Sipping her cocktail she mused “Who said money isn’t everything?”

The Cupboard Was Bare



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I opened the cupboard,

But the loving was bare,

I looked a bit further,

It still wasn’t there,

So I opened the curtains,

To look for the hope,

But hope was deserting,

With its case and its coat,

I opened the window,

To look for the dream,

But the dream was eloping,

With hope it would seem,

So I opened the door,

To let the loss out,

But couldn’t help smiling,

At the end of my drought.

My Friend Gerald

Wednesday again and time for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word photo prompt based on the weekly changing picture (no murders for going slightly over).

copyright-adam-ickes Photo Copyright : Adam Ickes

The last box was done, taped and sealed. So much of her life packed into boxes.  An inventory of memories, wrapped in yesterday’s paper, the irony wasn’t lost on her. Each box held a time, a place and a piece of her past.

Cedar Acres retirement village would be just what she needed. No more lonely nights with only Gerald for company. Gerald’s glass eye almost winked.  Bob had said he needed more rams for his computer and an idea had struck. When the stuffed head arrived by courier, his weak heart had given out on the doorstep. The life insurance arrived not long after his porn subscription ended.


Love in Disguise

Why does love,

Have so many disguises,

So many questions,

So many surprises,

Like the one on the plane,

Or the one on the bus,

The one on the train,

Or the one in a rush,

The one with the earring,

The one with the beard,

The one with the eye patch,

I particularly feared,

The one with the right leg,

Shorter than his left,

The one with the fur coat,

His mother was bereft,

The one with the moustache,

That ran ear to ear,

And the one with the toupee,

With his cross eyeing leer,


Maybe I should get a dog.

Fifty Shades of Magnolia

Time again for ‘Friday Fictioneers‘. My weekly addiction to 100 words of flash. I loved the photo, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t think of anything serious so my excuses for where my imagination went. Follow the link and have a go yourself. plus don’t forget to read the other fantastic devotees.


I said I was sorry,

I heard you the last time,

You said you wanted more excitement,

You thought I wanted this?

Well, not this exactly, but you sa…..

Stop, don’t say it again,

What if next door heard?

I’m sorry Brenda,

Oh my god, what if they come round?

I locked the front door,

They have a spare key,

I’m sorry Brenda,

Stop saying sorry, just untie me,

I’m sorry Brenda,

And take that bloody helmet off,

I’ve tried, it’s stuck,

This isn’t working Brian,

Sorry Bren, I could be Zorro next time?