I Promise

Whenever you’re alone,

You’re scared or afraid,

Remember me then,

And the promise I made,

That I’d always be with you,

Forever as one,

I’d still be beside you,

I’d not really gone,


For I am your shadow,

That falls on the ground,

I am your lantern,

When it’s dark all around,

I am your strength,

When the burdens too great,

And I am your reason,

Your hope and your fate.


So think of me often,

I’ll come when you call,

To pick you up softly,

If you stumble and fall,

I’ll hold out my arms,

And banish your fear,

I’ll be right beside you,

And you’ll know I am here.


I Don’t Want A Fairy Tale

I’m not looking for power,

For worship or praise,

I’m not looking for wealth,

Or grandeus displays,

I’ve no need for honour,

Nor approval or thanks,

And I think all the heroes,

Are comic book cranks,

I don’t want adventure,

Or some mystery tour,

I don’t need to travel,

To a far hidden shore,

I don’t want a fairy tale,

That ends in a rescue,

And I don’t want a fable,

That’s merely to test you,

I don’t want a sonnet,

Of parchment and ink,

Nor a play to be written,

On how I should think,


For I just want a life,

That’s transparently clear,

And I just want to love,

The one I have here.