I Am There

lostOriginal Photo : http://www.flickr.com/photos/whatmegsaid/3192634050

In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the secrets you bury,

And the battles you fight,

I’m the shadow behind you,

And the breath on your face,

I’m the darkness you’ve hidden,

And the fear you can’t face,


In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the steps never taken,

And the tears never cried,

I’m the want that you stifle,

And the need you ignore,

I‘m your death and survival,

Both your poison and cure,


In your dreams I am there,

Through the dark lonely night,

In the fire and the brimstone,

 And the corruption of right,

I’m the pain and the suffering,

The ecstasy and high,

I’m your drug of addiction,

But you can’t tell me why.

You’ll Know Why


I would walk for a hundred mile,

Just to hear your voice, to see your smile,

I’d scale a mountain way up high,

Just to see you soar, to watch you fly.


I’d swim the length of an ocean wide,

To watch you float on a moonlit tide,

I’d catch the stars that light the sky,

And gather diamonds passing by.


I’d steer the moon that claims the night,

To swathe you in its resplendent light,

I’d weave a path through constellations,

Trailing dreams and declarations.


I’d keep the sun from slumbers wake,

To catch your dreams before they break,

And I’d hold them in my palms up high,

So you’d know love and you’d know why.



I had a recommendation from the very talented http://polysyllabicprofundities.com/ to check out  ‘Romantic Monday’.  Such a great way to spend a Monday, so I wrote this piece with that in mind.

Call Out My Name


Call out my name,

And I’ll follow you forever,

Whispering gently,

A breeze through a feather,


Hold out your hand,

And I’ll know when to follow,

Leading intently,

The fledgling and swallow.


Lay a kiss on my lips,

And I’ll love only you,

Burning eruption,

Like a fire born anew.


Lay with me softly,

And I’ll promise you more,

Ardently breaking,

Like waves on the shore.


Look at me now,

And I’ll know we’re the same,

Cautiously pleading,

You’ll call out my name.

In my Dreams

In shadows of slumber and transient hues,

You are the sculptor and I am your muse,

Misty pink tones of a softened pastiche,

Banish the shame and let passions unleash.

Fingers so gentle, they mould a wet form,

I am the clay for your touch to transform,

My skin is the canvas that is yours to explore,

And my blood is the palette of fire you adore.

The silken washed edges that glisten and sheen,

Do dance in the moonlight and veil the unseen.

The phoenix that rises from the moulds of desire,

Is born out of passion and its transient lit fire.

Pray keep me in slumber and do not awake,

For you are the path of the road I can’t take.

You are the Romeo to my Juliet,

You are the one I cannot forget.

I thought I saw you……..

This was for a story / poem prompt  for the fabulous Community Storyboard   “Write about a stranger you see.  Either their back-story or what they are thinking in the moment you see them.”   I thought I’d make a stab at poetry this morning. I adapted it from an earlier prompt  but ‘Alleluia’ it fits in for today as well.  I’m having a lazy Saturday, I’m bad…..


I thought I saw you in the corner by the chair,

Were you the one with the fair golden hair?

I thought I saw you as your eyes glanced my way,

Did you see me watching, did you feel me sway?

I thought I saw you as you turned from the crowd,

The beat of my heart was it really that loud?

I thought I saw you as you moved to my side,

Your breath just a whisper you couldn’t quite hide.

I thought I saw you as your hand brushed my skin,

Could you feel the air sizzle, was it going to begin?

I thought I saw you gesture and bid me to follow,

Is this where the fullness replaces the hollow?

I thought I saw you when my eyes closed for sleep,

Are you the belonging I wanted to keep?

I thought I saw you on other nights too,

A stranger in the darkness. I loved you, I knew.