Stay With Me Tonight


Stay with me tonight,

Let me sleep away the pain,

Shield me from the darkness,

From the fear that I’m to blame,

Anchor me in solace,

So I dream in coloured hues,

Painting clouds of angels,

On a palette of lucent blues,

Hold me in my slumber,

Let me rest within your arms,

Healing in your presence,

Your touch is all that balms.



I stand on the outside,

And watch you within,

No more than a shadow,

Or an echo therein,

I’m a barely heard whisper,

Or a memory long past,

A time that you buried,

Or a discarded first draft.

I’m the glow in your eye,

That smoulders like fire,

The spark for your kindling,

That I won’t let expire.

I’m the stars in the sky,

That light your way forward,

I’m the path that you travel,

And the continuing disorder.


 For I am the essence of all that you lost,

And a love that’s forsaken is a love that will cost.

When I Was Young

I was yours and you were mine,

I wrote it down a thousand times,

You had fallen down from heaven,

I was six and you were seven.


When I was ten you kissed my cheek,

I blushed bright red, my legs felt weak.

You winked an eye then turned and ran,

And that was when I shaped my plan.


Thirteen came and fourteen too,

I hid my shadow from your view.

I was the whisper in your ear,

I was the touch that brushed past near.


At seventeen my plan remained,

I knew our love was pre-ordained.

You would be mine, it was a fact,

Perhaps they did not tell you that.


When I was twenty my plan had stalled,

I knew the reason, I saw who called.

I watched the days pass by so quick,

The flames of loss, a burning wick.


At twenty two you married June,

I cried so many tears for you.

My hopes and dreams all died that day,

Just scattered dust on a wedding bouquet.


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