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I lose myself in memories,

Surround myself in thought,

Surrendering to the ricochets,

Of dreams that came to nought,


I drown myself in apathy,

Immerse myself in languor,

Submitting to the uncertainty,

Of choices made in anger,


I shade myself in monochrome,

Portray myself in neutral,

Concealing the imperfections,

Of my colours, far too truthful.


Another Friday, another Friday Fictioneers. A 100 words (approx) of fiction based on the photo prompt provided. My inspiration this week comes from the film ‘Philomena’. I only watched it this week and it’s still floating about in my head.


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I remember tiny moments of hope that lit up the darkness, pockets of familiarity that happened by chance. In the distance, beyond the gate; the rumble of a truck or the anxious tap of heels rushing past the walls. Somehow, in those moments, the air always seemed a little lighter, its hold a little looser.

But between the laundry and the chores, the prayers and penitation, those moments never lingered, they just bled away quietly through a river of dirty water.

Now I’m on the outside looking in, only its empty shell remains. And I’m still searching for that hope and the child they took away.

The Journey

frozen time

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A moment through time,

I go there and back,

I journey,

I travel,

I go and come back,

I think of you,

Or I think that I do,

But I’m never quite sure,

If it really is you,

Perhaps it’s a scent,

A face in the crowd,

Maybe a shadow,

Or a whisper too loud,

But I feel there’s a moment,

A time to explore,

Something that holds me,

That I can’t quite ignore,

So I capture the moment,

And quarantine time,

Trying to remember,

If the moment was mine.